Business Telephony

Voice is still the core communication method for businesses. I-Net understands the importance of choosing a voice solution that is high quality, reliable and cost effective. Our range of traditional business telephony solutions allow you to reduce your telecoms spend without compromising on quality or reliability.

I-Net offers a full range of voice access methods including traditional analogue & ISDN fixed lines, Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS), direct & indirect access and SIP trunking. No matter what your business requirements are for connecting to our network we have the solution for you.

All our lines come with a range of support options to enable to you to choose the level of support which best suits your organisation – whether you need support from 9 to 5 Monday to Friday or 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.


Voice (CPS, IDA, Direct Access)

  • Provides flexibility to route calls in the most efficient way
  • All calls can be captured on one bill
  • No cost to connect to our service

With I-Net voice services you can maximise your business efficiency by reducing the cost of your outbound calls. By utilising the most appropriate method from I-Net’s flexible range of voice products; CPS, IDA and Direct Access, we can deliver real savings and benefits for your organisation.

Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) – the quickest and easiest way to make high quality, low cost outbound calls without the need to install new lines or reprogram existing PBX’s. Calls are prefixed at network level so there is no need to dial any prefix codes.

Indirect Access (IDA) - Ideal for organisations with home workers, IDA allows you to easily differentiate between business and personal calls. Home workers simply choose which calls they route via I-Net’s IDA service by including a simple 4 digit prefix on the number they are dialling.

Direct Access - By connecting directly to the I-Net’s network partners, including BT, your business benefits from lower cost calls and improved resilience to serious network faults. Direct Access is a key component in assisting customers with disaster recovery planning.

Line Rental

  • 100% BT lines
  • All your services on one bill provides ease of administration
  • No call slippage to expensive alternative providers
  • One point of contact with our dedicated Customer Service team for all faults
  • New lines can be installed for free subject to commitment
  • Transfer existing lines to reduce costs and consolidate supplier bills

I-Net is expert in providing installation of new analogue and digital fixed lines. Our service delivery team work with you to provide hassle free installation of lines for whatever your business requires. Whether you simply need an additional line for Broadband, or new lines with DDIs for an entire office block we can provide a solution that is right for your organisation.

With a wealth of experience in transferring existing installed lines, I-Net can transfer your services whether you have a single line or many thousands. Switching your existing lines to I-Net allows you to consolidate supplier bills and reduce your costs. The transfer of your lines to I-Net takes around 10 working days and is seamless so service will continue uninterrupted with no physical change to lines or telephone numbers.

For further information or to receive high quality, reliable voice or line services from I-Net call our team today on 0800 8100 102.

What is SIP Trunking?

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a multi-media signalling standard. It allows companies to communicate over IP connections. The channel established between them is termed a SIP Trunk. SIP Trunks enable businesses to create a single, IP connection between themselves and their telephone service provider, giving them the ability to make and receive telephone calls and other IP services. In other words, SIP Trunks enable businesses to make and receive calls over an Internet service.

SIP Trunking is an ideal solution for businesses that:

  • Are moving to a new site
  • Have multiple offices, whether in the UK or abroad
  • Have variable numbers of employees to meet peaks and troughs in demand
  • Want to improve their disaster recovery capability
  • Have deployed an MPLS QoS Network

SIP Benefits

Providing full PSTN connectivity, SIP Trunking offers simple yet effective benefits to your business

  • Free calls between sites
  • Lower cost than ISDN, plus DDI ranges and CLI presentation are included in the price
  • Lower UK and international call costs
  • Porting allows you to take your existing numbers with you wherever your new location
  • Scaleable on a per channel basis, with no penalties for scaling up or down as required
  • Emergency services support
  • Compliments a converged network with lower costs and simplified architecture
  • Enables IP PBX’s to talk to one another and brings number plans together in a similar way to a Voice VPN
  • Plus much more...
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