I-Net Hosted PBX Benefits

The I-Net Hosted PBX offer features, benefits and cost advantages that will transform the way your company does business.

These benefits include:

  • I-Net’s platform is hosted, managed and supported inside BT’s core network to deliver the highest level of quality and reliability at all times.  For more details on our architecture and technical support structure, please contact us.
  • Advanced features and functionality combined with UK and international calls via BT.
  • Low overall total cost of ownership with minimal upfront investment and low monthly service fees.
  • Seamless business telecommunications for companies operating from a single location or satellite offices, including remote and home based employees.
  • Works with existing high speed internet connections.
  • Eliminates overheads associated with premised based solutions.
  • Save on call charges associated with inter-office calling.
  • Enables smaller companies to function and appear like large, established organisations.
  • I-Net’s services are delivered over BT’s 21st Century Network ensuring that all users have access to the same PBX features regardless of their location worldwide
  • 100% CLI delivery at all times, including to and from mobiles – we do not use “grey” call routing or 2nd tier carriers for call delivery which reduces service levels.
  • Advanced security, as every call is routed through our secure data centre within the BT network and protected by a secure firewall designed specifically for IP-based calls.
  • Instant access to all new services and software upgrades across I-Net’s Hosted PBX platform as they are rolled out.

BT provides full operational support to I-Net’s technical infrastructure from within its core network.

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