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I-Net provides the full range of non-geographic numbering to manage your inbound calls using BT’s 21st Century Network.  Whether you simply require a number to advertise your business, simple call routing to ensure your business never misses a call or web based call stats so you can track where your customers are calling from, I-Net can provide your organisation with the best solution to fit your requirements.

Number Translation Services (NTS) from BT – 03, 08, 09

Together with BT, I-Net offers a range of non-geographic number solutions designed to maximise each inbound call you receive including:

  • 0800/0808 Freephone

  • 0844 Special Rate

  • 0845 Local Rate

  • 0870 National Rate*

  • 0871 Special Rate*

  • 090 Premium Rate

* due to recent changes to 0870/0871 numbering regulations please talk to our team about whether this is the best option for you. Our team works with you to advise and implement the best non-geographic numbers solution for your business. NTS numbers can be setup within a matter of hours. Through BT, we have porting agreements with every alternative operator so if you have existing non-geographic numbers simply transfer them across without interruption to your service.

Non-geographic numbers solutions and benefits in detail:

  • 0800/0808 Freephone Allows your customers to call your free of charge. All call charges are paid for by you.
  • 0844 Calls to 0844 numbers are instantly and automatically redirected to a telephone of your choosing. You can change the target number so if you relocate or want your calls redirected to another line or mobile your 0844 number stays the same.
  • 0845 Local Rate Local rate numbers show you are part of the community – callers pay the standard rate for a local call.
  • 0870 National Rate Useful if your customers would call a national number - 0870 numbers are charged to the caller and the operator of the service. Please note Ofcom has introduced a number of recent changes to the regulation and use of 0870 numbers. Click here for more details.
  • 0871 Special Rate Used specifically for generating revenue for your business or subsidising the cost to divert calls to mobile phones. The caller pays up to 10 pence per minute from any where in the UK. Please note Ofcom has introduced a number of recent changes to the regulation and use of 0871 numbers. Click here for more details.
  • 090 Premium Rate Allows you to provide a particular service, content or information to your customers and charge them via their phone account. 090 numbers can generate revenue for your business, with the caller paying from 5 pence per minute to 150 pence per minute.

Ensure you talk to our team about whether an 090 number is right for your business.

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