Professional Installation Services

While the I-Net Hosted PBX system can be self-installed and configured, we strongly recommend that you use the services of an accredited voice and data specialist.

Our network of industry professional will provide you with the following services:

  • System configuration with Technical Account Manager(TAM) before installation date.

  • Site verification done for each site - Ping test, latency, and bandwidth assessment. Provide broadband service, if required.
  • Dedicated technical account manager throughout the installation process.
  • Work with customer to determine placement of all equipment.
  • CAT5 cabling services.
  • Unpack equipment and perform power on test to ensure that all is working.
  • Make all necessary network connections.
  • Configure IP address on telephone unit (If DHCP Server not available)
  • Program extension and user information into telephone unit
  • Activate MAC Address/Serial Number for each telephone unit
  • Perform test calls from each extension to verify that system is working properly
  • Perform test calls to telephone numbers outside of the phone system to ensure that a dial tone is present
  • Perform orientation on voicemail and calling features to familiarize all end users with their new telephones
  • To find an accredited voice and data specialist in your area, please call 0800 8100 100.

I-Net Hosted PBX Training

I-Net recognises the importance of both initial and ongoing training. As your business develops, with new working practices and staff changes it can be highly beneficial to maintain training programmes and keep abreast of new features of the I-Net Hosted PBX. Training offers simple solutions, which can have huge impact on how your people perform. I-Net offer two levels of training for customers in the use of the I-Net Hosted PBX.

End-User Training

This is available for all staff and geared towards individual or department needs. Our trainers are geared for dealing with all levels of technical ability and work at the appropriate level. End-User training can be held in groups or as one-to-one sessions if required.

System Administrator Training

Suitable for large companies who have their own IT department. Once agreement has been made with I-Net as to the level of responsibility given to individuals in your IT department, training is carried out on how to do basic changes to the business phone system and to give you more of an understanding of what the system is capable of doing - important for the development of the business going forward. The level of training can vary from basic to advanced, depending on requirements. This can be discussed with I-Net to tailor the course to your individual company's need.

Fore more information on I-Net training, please call 0800 8100 100.

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