In-Network BT 21st Century Network Call Handling Features

I-Net is a fully converged, next generation network operator providing IP telephony services to UK businesses.

Our BT 21cn-hosted PBX platform is build inside the UK’s biggest tier-one carrier, providing unrestricted call volumes together with a quality of service second to none. We are currently processing in excess of 100,000 calls a day and offer an extensive portfolio of IP-enabled voice and data applications.

I-Net’s BT 21cn-hosted PBX platform provides all the usual functionality you would expect from a fully featured PBX plus network dynamic call routing, intelligent IVR, call queuing, call recording, mid call divert and leading call centre software applications.

The BT network has an extensive reach of 115 countries with 1250 points of presence. We can offer geographic and non-geographic number ranges with full number portability, not only for the UK but in 47 other countries too.

Selected “in Network” features include:

  • Dynamic Call Routing

  • Calls can be routed by geographic origination or destination (by caller-ID, specified digits of number, number type, area code, country etc) by date or time of day (dates and times can be specified up to 20 years in advance). Routing to agents to multiple termination locations.

  • Call Queuing

  • Set inbound call volumes. Calls can be held in the BT network for predetermined time, play holding music or messages, set position in queue, wrap-up calls.

  • Multilevel IVR

  • Programmable multilevel IVR application enabling ‘In Network’ call flow management.

  • Upload Messages

  • Upload recorded messages and pre-connection announcements, information and marketing promotions.

  • Call Recording

  • Programmable feature enables you to record calls, search and listen on the web, download, store, back up and forward recordings by e-mail.

  • Mid-call Divert

  • A powerful feature that allows you to take back and transfer callers to alternative destination seamlessly without disconnecting the connection.

  • Call Conferencing

  • Users can create their own conferences. Conferences can be recurring on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Voice mail to email, and fax to email features are available.

  • Web Interface

  • All I-Net’s applications are programmable in real-time via a web interface or via SOAP API-enabling large scale provisioning authentication and data validation. Access to the management platform can be set at multiple and hierarchical levels of access control.

  • Numbering Solutions

  • I-Net can provide you with geographic (local) and non-geographic numbers across the UK and throughout 47 countries worldwide.

    The I-Net platform gives you instant access to manage, allocate and provision these numbers instantly. Access to the management platform is via a secure website interface and can be set at multiple & hierarchical levels of access control. All of I-Net’s applications are programmable in real-time via the web interface, or via an SOAP API-enabling large scale provisioning, authentication and data validation if required.

  • Hosted Call Centre Solutions

  • I-Net provides a full ASP model solution for call centres around the world. Our hosted service solution removes the pain of CAPEX and provides a scalable product delivering a feature rich platform, the best of breed applications on a Global Network Infrastructure. Whether you are a single site call centre or whether you have multiple locations I-Net empowers dynamic call allocation across multiple centres enabling you to maximise your resources at a vastly reduced cost.

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