Call Recording

Call recording is an invaluable tool for any type of business or enterprise which needs to re- play calls for training, compliance or monitoring purposes. I-Net’s call recording service has been approved by the Financial Services Authority, and offers UK businesses, of any type and size, the opportunity to have advanced yet affordable call recording facilities efficient and secure data storage.

I-Net’s call recording service requires no on-site hardware and is enabled on just the handsets you choose. It will record every incoming and outgoing external call. What’s more, as it’s a hosted service, it works anywhere and you don’t need to worry about maintenance costs or storage.


  • Always-on recording of specific phone extensions
  • FSA approved • Inbound and outbound external calls recorded
  • Immediate online search and replay for supervisors
  • Monitor active conversations as they are recorded
  • All calls securely stored with online retrieval
  • Save calls as .wav files or send as email attachments
  • Low monthly subscription for each activated seat
  • Recording service can be physically located anywhere
  • Recording follows the number when re-assigned to a different handset
  • SIP handsets compliant


  • Record conversations for compliance or legal reasons (FSA approved)
  • Use call recording as a unique way of training staff
  • Supervise and monitor employee performance
  • Home workers recorded as if on site
  • No onsite hardware needed, zero footprint
  • No additional bandwidth requirements
  • No extra maintenance costs
  • No need for new phone numbers
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